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This is the personal website of Thilo Stadelmann, professor of computer science at ZHAW School of Engineering and holder of the chair of Engineering-Information, team lead of AI/ML and deputy head of InIT's Information Engineering Group. In a second life, I serve as scientific director of ZHAW digital and am a co-founder and board member of the ZHAW Datalab and the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services. All views expressed are mine.

I am a computer scientist by training, an AI guy by passion, and a machine perception researcher by area of study. My research interests revolve around general principles for learning algorithms in machine learning for pattern recognition. I approach these by means of use cases from very diverse areas, e.g. multimedia analysis, speech and audio processing, optical music recognition, predictive maintenance, automated game playing, data mining, driving assistants, computer vision, face recognition, ...

My current research interests revolve around robust and interpretable deep neural networks for pattern recognition problems, and reinforcement learning for general control to close the action-perception loop. Besides, I am interested in the science of data science.

Personally, I like kitesurfing and mountainbiking, enjoy playing music on stringed instruments (guitars, bass), and am a follower of Jesus Christ. I try living by the following values (my closer colleagues know I am not there yet): excellence; wisdom; honor all people; mercy for failure; and courage.